Pointgrey Partners is a family office investment firm located in the SF Bay Area. We specialize in investment and advisory partnerships with founder-led startups, as part of a broader alternative investment strategy for its principals.

We believe privately-held companies at the forefront of innovation represent the next Fortune 1000, and are critical for long-term capital growth. Therefore, we've built a diversified portfolio of high-quality startups, whose success we can help accelerate by tapping into our personal experience and networks.


- Jen Vancini, Managing Partner

            WHAT WE DO



Pointgrey Partners LLC invests in companies at the early stages of their journey whose business we can help accelerate. We believe our relationships with portfolio companies are partnerships, and advise without micro-managing. We gravitate towards companies building platforms that can be monetized in multiple ways.


Although most of our investments are in US companies, we believe Canada with its growing entrepreneurial base, fantastic educational system, favorable exchange rate, and multiple governmental and private support systems for entrepreneurs is an attractive place to invest. A portion of Pointgrey's efforts are directed towards the True North, especially for companies that have participated in the Creative Destruction Lab program.


Pointgrey Partners invests in the range of $10k - $100k for equity or convertible notes. We selectively provide consulting and other advisory services in exchange for monetary or equity compensation.


            HOW WE WORK



FUNDING STAGE & VISION:  Investments are typically post-F&F, with the portfolio company on a path to an A-round within 6-12 months and holding a realistic vision for their valuation growth.


OPPORTUNITY:  The product must serve or create a large, growing market and management can demonstrate a keen understanding of their users.


DEFENSIBLE:  We like deep technology, no-brainer business models, and unfair (but legal) competitive advantages. Why does the market need you?

GO-TO-MARKET:  Many, many companies trip-up in sales execution, and we believe sector business expertise is critical. Management needs to understand the sales process for its solution and have reasonable, yet challenging goals.

ECOSYSTEM STRATEGY:  Successful companies pursue and build key partnerships and alliances to increase leverage, and create opportunities for a great exit. Does the company have a well-considered ecosystem strategy and ability to drive it? Who will you partner with?


TEAM:  Ultimately, people invest in people. We look for track record, of course, but also grit, skin-in-the-game, self-awareness, leadership abilities and honesty.


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          ABOUT US

Jennifer spends the majority of her time as a General Partner with Mighty Capital, a Silicon Valley VC that invests in early-growth stage companies outside of Pointgrey's remit that have product-market fit, demonstrated traction and the ability to create value at scale.

Jen is a seasoned board member and executive with experience across a broad range of technologies, with an extensive track record in business and corporate development. She has held impactful roles in start-ups and innovation units of large organizations including Price Waterhouse, Certicom (acquired by RIM), Symbian/Nokia, and Telefonica Digital.

Jen’s entrepreneurial streak is evident in her track record of creating strategic partnerships from scratch, new business units and JVs. Her first startup experience was to launch a fee-based neighborhood social club when she was five.

Ray co-founded Pointgrey Partners to foster deep technology plays that drive competitive disruption. Ray is passionate about helping founders build go-to-market ecosystems that enable leveraged sales models with strategic partners.

His current venture is as CEO and Co-Founder of Tugboat Logic, whose mission is to make security a key business enabler for companies of all sizes. He's also an Associate with the unique Creative Destruction Lab program for entrepreneurs in Canada, which has helped Pointgrey source some of its early stage investments.

Ray co-founded Nexgate in 2011 with a breakthrough platform to help brands discover, monitor and secure their brands' social presence. Nexgate was acquired by Proofpoint (NASDAQ: PFPT) as their largest acquisition in 2014. Prior to Nexgate, Ray held executive and leadership positions in corporate development, strategy and sales at Check Point Software, Websense, and Voltage Security (acquired by HP).


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